Hetero Homo Trans Sexual

Hetero Homo Trans Sexual

Hetero, Homo, Trans Sexual.

Who Cares, it’s called sex. Just do it.

Let’s stop judging others, who you’re guessing, may do the nasty differently than you and let love run it’s course.

We are in the 21st century, isn’t about time we leave behind all the blatant sexual fears of past generations and live free, happy and vibrant. Love knows no color, sex, or religious barriers.

The simplest of rules apply to all hatred or judgements of others lives. Either get a life for yourself or wake up and realize Haters hate to elevate themselves. Let not even judge those that hate. Let them get off but let them do it where we do it, in the bedroom.

Finally our states are passing laws to safeguard and respect so called ALT love.

We have far deeper concerns about getting the human race to the next century.

Let’s focus on how to get AIR on MARS. Then we can make LOVE on Mars!



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